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About  Suzan  Jaffe

Born and raised in Boston, MA, but a longtime South Florida resident, Suzan Jaffe Ph.D., ARNP, is a self-taught artist who recently retired from a long and successful career in health care, specializing in Sleep Disorders Medicine.


Suzan has always had a passion for art and music. She is an accomplished pianist and a published author of two books and over 150 professional articles. During the last 30 years, she has acquired her own extensive art collection. Suzan's paintings are created through inspirations from everyday life events, all genres of music and from scenes captured on camera from her travels.


Suzan’s primary interests are in mixed media contemporary paintings.  Many of her earliest paintings have circles of one form, size or another. The circle often represents unity, love, completion or cycles.  Recent paintings demonstrate vivid color combinations, geometric patterns, drip techniques and acrylic washes. Landscapes and flowers have been a recent focus of hers.  Most recently,  she has been working with 3-dimensional shapes and multimedia concepts.

Her paintings are frequently exhibited in shows at ArtServe and The Broward Art Guild Gallery located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Several paintings have been sold at The Art Emporium located in Aspen, CO, an artist collective.  Commissioned paintings are prominently displayed in real estate and medical offices in Aspen and South Florida.   

Suzan is also available for commission paintings at the buyer's request.




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